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    Remodeling & Additions - Los Angeles Plumbing ContractorWhen you plan on either a remodel or addition for the home, there may be a plumbing issue that arises. Many plumbing issues are challenging and should always be taken on by professionals. Even the most competent of home construction DIYers steer clear from such tasks. When you need help from the experts, call VR Plumbing. Our plumbing contractor work comes with absolutely no surprises and can get your project back on task.

    Specialized Equipment

    You may own tools that are common to household projects such as a wrench, drain snake, pipe wrench and soldering guns, but it is less than likely that you possess the specialized tools that plumbers have. Experiencing a back-up in the sewer lines is not enough time to get to learn how to unclog it.

    Complex Renovation

    The plumbing system in your Los Angeles home is complex. During a renovation, you may unravel depths of pipe lines that seem to go on forever. Without proper help, you won’t be able to make heads or tails of it.

    Permits from the City

    When adding on to the house or making upgrades, you need a permit from the city. A permit gives you the “go ahead” to add gas and plumbing lines in. Instead of a permit backfiring on you, give the professional plumbing contractor a call and let us take on the task.

    Freedom of Design

    Adding on or upgrading the home can be a task that’s left up to contractors. You deserve to have the freedom of design instead of worrying about adding new plumbing lines in. Some of the tasks that our Los Angeles plumbers has encountered in the past are:

    • Moving a toilet for more room
    • Rerouting the plumbing
    • Renovating around pipes


    If you have age old pipes in your home, you may have to have your pipes re-piped. This will ensure that your plumbing does not have rust floating throughout the water and that your pipes are not corroding or deteriorating.

    Faucets & Sinks

    When most homeowners plan a renovation or modification to either their bathrooms or kitchens, they normally include upgrading the plumbing fixtures. Hiring someone who knows how to install them properly will avoid flooding in the home.

    Water Pressure

    Water pressure could pose a major problem. What about if you had the renovation completed only to find out that you now have low water pressure? You couldn’t shower or clean your dishes or clothing without frustration.

    Plumbing helps to complete remodeling & additions. That’s why you need to hire local and experienced plumbing contractors which you’ll find at VR Plumbing.

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