Incredible Los Angeles Lawn Sprinkler Installation

    Los Angeles Lawn Sprinkler InstallationLawn sprinkler installation or repair is part of a well thought-out landscape design. Maybe you’ve recently bought a new home or are having one built; whichever the case, you can count on a professional installation from VR Plumbing. Our Los Angeles plumbers are committed to providing you with expert advice and customer service that is unbeatable by today’s standards. No more dragging out that cheap sprinkler that only waters part of your grass.

    Sprinkler Repairs

    If you have any issues with your lawn sprinkler system – leaking sprinkler and valves, broken pipes, problems with controllers and timers, etc. – we can repair or replace them promptly and properly.

    Improper Lawn Sprinkler Installation

    Going the “DIY” route might seem like it will make the job a lot less expensive but don’t forget to factor in the expense of dead lawns that can result from improper installations.


    A sprinkler placement should be determined by experienced professional familiar with both landscape architecture and the plumbing necessary to get the job done.   This means areas where new shrubs, trees and bushes have been planted are great locations for a system. Your system will be separated into different zones, in order to cover whole area of your Los Angeles home.


    Zones for a sprinkler are strategically placed throughout the property. Our developers will draw up a layout for your property that best fits your needs. From the layout, we can decide the following:

    • Size of sprinkler heads
    • Proper pipe sizes
    • Location
    • Type
    • Number of units


    Many homeowners are not concerned about their yard drainage but when it comes down to removing access water from the lawn, caused by a sprinkler, many act quickly to avoid that water coming into their homes. This is why it’s important to have a drainage system that works with the contour of your yard.

    Improved Lawn Care

    With a professional grade sprinkler system, you’re actually saving yourself a lot of money per year. You’ll save more money because the system is on a timer and won’t waste much water. You’ll also save by having a lawn with less maintenance.

    Reasons to Have Sprinkler System Installed

    All of the hard work that you put into your lawn requires maintenance and up-keep. A sprinkler system will regularly water the newly planted trees, shrubbery and bushes that make up your beautifully landscaped lawn. Here are several reasons why you need a professional sprinkler system:

    • Conserves water
    • Coverage to all the property
    • Saves time

    When you decide that you need a better lawn, call VR Plumbing for a lawn sprinkler installation. We’ll get your lawn ready for spring and your flowers up and blooming again. Save money and time by calling us.

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