First Class Los Angeles Leak Repair

    Los Angeles Leak RepairOn average 11,000 gallons of water are wasted in the home each year from toilets that are kept running, faucets that are left dripping and plumbing leaks that are elsewhere in the home. Most leaks in Los Angeles can easily be repaired while other leak repairs need professional assistance. You can always find the help you need whenever you call VR Plumbing. Detecting leaks can literally save you thousands of dollars on repairs and replacement costs. Only someone as certified and skilled as we are can detect your leaks and execute them quickly.

    Reasons Why leaks Occur

    There are many reasons why leaks occur. Sometimes it comes down to low-grade craftsmanship of piping and the fittings. But all too often, we end up cleaning the messes caused by those who fail to give their plumbing proper maintenance in the San Fernando Valley.

    Pooling Water

    Pooling water is an obvious sign of a leak. All too often, leaks are not noticed and end up costing the homeowner more money than expected. Locating and fixing the leaks are some of the skills that our plumbers possess. Water can do a lot of damage to your walls, floors and property.

    Running Toilets

    One of the most commonly known ways to tell if there’s a plumbing leak in the home is through a running toilet. If your toilet is making strange noises, then you’ll want to have it checked out. This is one obvious sign that your toilet is not working properly and your utility bills may be increasing.

    Dripping Faucets

    Dripping faucets can cost you lots of money. Each month your energy bills go up as a direct result of a leak. Unless you have it repaired, you can continue to pay higher than normal water bills.

    Checking the Meter

    The meter in your home should be checked to determine if there’s a leak or not. After your meter is checked, do not use any water for two hours. After the two hours, check the meter once again.

    Wet Areas

    If you are starting to see swampy or wet unexplained areas in the home and near the water lines, it’s a good call to contact the professional plumbers at VR Plumbing. Our Los Angeles plumbers incorporate technology into our leak detection to pinpoint the exact area of the leak.

    Gas Leak 

    If you suspect a gas leak in your home, evacuate the area and call the gas company immediately. Your gas company will send a technician to check for a leak and if a leak is present, the gas to the meter will be turned off. In most cases you’d be advised to hire a plumber. A plumber will be able to locate the exact spot of the leak and do the repair. Once the repair is completed call the gas company. Only gas company field employees are allowed to turn on the gas to the meter.

    VR Plumbing can make your leak repairs happen very quickly and efficiently. We specialize in plumbing repairs and will send our first-rate inspectors before we begin any work. We guarantee that our work will be done by licensed professionals who care about your plumbing.

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