Perfect Los Angeles Earthquake Gas Shut-off Valves

    Los Angeles Earthquake Gas Shut-off ValvesIf you have ever experienced an earthquake, you know how dangerous situations can become; especially if gas pipelines have been compromised. Natural gas explosions can be a direct result of an earthquake. In fact, if the gas is not shut off in time, it can do more harm than the actual earthquake. An earthquake gas shut-off valve can greatly reduce the chance of someone being injured as a direct result of a gas explosion. Call VR Plumbing for more details on how you can get one of these handy gadgets installed on your gas pipelines.

    Types of Valves Available

    There are a variety of earthquake shut off valves on the market today. Normally these options consist of a pressure valve that is sensitive. It will kick on when the pressure exceeds in the gas flow. A motion sensitive valve will start to kick on when there is movement in the pipe.

    Flow Sensor

    The flow sensor is more highly developed as it sits upon the pipe listening for excessive gas flow. It has been known to be a bit problematic than the motion sensitive valve. It does require the pipes to be inspected thoroughly prior to re-initiating gas flow in Los Angeles.

    Minor Tremors

    Sometimes a minor tremor, stemming from an earthquake, can do more damage to the pipes. It doesn’t always have to be an earthquake as to why the valve gets triggered. It is always better to be safe than sorry when dealing with such unpredictable composite.

    Earthquake-Proofing the Home

    You cannot stop an earthquake from happening but you can surely prevent your home or family members from getting blown-up during one. A simple gas shut off valve can stop a gas line from exploding and as the following can also help protect your home:

    • Home inspections for structural damages
    • Strap down electrical components
    • Stay up-to-date home repairs

    Valve Shut-Off

    A shut off valve stops the flow of gas to your home in the event of an earthquake. This will of course prevent gas flow into a structure where earthquake damages have occurred. The valve also helps reduce the probability of a fire or gas leak.

    Hiring the Right Plumbers

    Getting the right plumber for the job is paramount. You need someone who is familiar with earthquake precautions and is comfortable with custom installation work. VR Plumbing can help you as we specialize in keeping  your family safe.

    Our Los Angeles plumbers carry and install earthquake gas shut-off valves. If you’d like more information, please don’t hesitate to call VR Plumbing.

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