Garbage Disposal Services in Los Angeles

    Garbage Disposals in Los Angeles, Garbage Disposal InstallationGarbage disposals have become a vital and a commonplace appliance practically in every kitchen in America. The main role of a garbage disposal is to liquefy food remains. Instead of flushing them down the drain and getting a clog in your lines, they are safely disposed of. Call our Los Angeles plumbers for repair or installation of a garbage disposal. A disposal can change your way of life when it comes to the kitchen and how it operates.

    Maintaining Disposal

    Not everything can be flushed down a garbage disposal. A disposal is used for foods such as veggies and eggs. These items can safely be pulped and not harm the blades of the appliance or clog the pipes. A good garbage disposal can last up to ten years or more.

    Professional Help

    It can be very frustrating when dealing with a broken garbage disposal. It may only need minimal maintenance but you’ll never know unless you hire a professional plumber. They can help get your garbage disposal working properly again and not cause any harm to your drains.

    Safety Precautions

    It’s safe to say that when a garbage disposal fails, it needs to be professionally repaired. Occasionally foreign objects are put into it which causes faulty operation. If your unit’s blades are blocked, there are some things which you can do to prevent any injuries in your Los Angeles home:

    • Press reset button
    • Unplug disposal
    • Flip circuit breaker

    Types of Garbage Disposals

    Garbage can be a major issue in the home. That’s because dealing with it can be very frustrating to say the least. Many types of disposal methods as well as techniques have been implemented in order to rid the home of this issue. Garbage disposals are found in the following types:

    • Continuous feed disposal
    • Batch feed disposal
    • Septic tank disposal

    Continuous Feed Disposals

    The continuous feed garbage disposal is one of the most common types of disposals. The systems are controlled by the flick of a switch. Waste water and food run with fresh water as the garbage disposal runs open throughout the entire process.

    Batch Feed Disposals

    The batch feed garbage disposal is known to be a cover control type. Water and waste are put together in a disposal system and covered properly. They are eventually ground into a single batch. If the system is not covered properly, it will not work.

    Septic Tank Disposals

    The septic garbage disposal is a type of continuous feed disposal that is specifically designed for homes with septic tank systems. Every time you turn on your disposer enzyme treatment is injected into the disposer to help break down food waste in your septic system. The enzyme cartridges last 3 to 5 months on average.

    If you need an installation or repair for a garbage disposal, call VR Plumbing. We aim to please every single one of our customers through outstanding plumbing services.

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